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The real value of the Iliad or the Transfiguration is as signs of power; billows or ripples they are of the stream of tendency; tokens of the everlasting effort to produce, which even in its worst estate the soul betrays.
Yes, he might have died, but he is dry now, and asserts he has undergone transfiguration.
Transfigurations don't happen on mountains or street corners.
The Greek category mimetikai technai, as Aristotle has devised, refers to the man-made transfigurations of the physical objects that represent or/ refer to the physical objects that may not actually exist in nature, but might or might have existed somewhere sometime, i.
Some earlier photographs of swimming pools, such as Piscina nera (Black Pool), 2001, show dark, mysterious spaces with plays of light and reflections, which seem above all like mental spaces, transfigurations of thoughts or feelings.
In 1998, researchers reported the first solid evidence of such neutrino transfigurations, which are called oscillations.
THE MONUMENTAL VOLUME Transfigurations includes the complete texts of poet Jay Wright's eight published collections of verse.
Jay Wright's Transfigurations is a book, like Bunting's Collected Poems, of Poet Y.
They undergo a series of spiritual transfigurations before they develop the communal consciousness necessary to fight the pro-slavery men.
Finally, three suggestive studies explore the impact of Joachimite ideas on iconography: Malcolm Bull looks at the program of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and Joachimite typology; and Josephine Jungic at two Transfigurations, Raphael's and Sebastiano del Piombo's, which, in the early sixteenth century at least, were both in San Pietro in Montorio.
Some of nature's transfigurations are not quite so beautiful or welcome, as when floods or fires, storms or earthquakes sweep through an area and leave it unrecognizable.