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His primacy was savage, and savagely he ruled, administering justice with a club, punishing transgression with the pain of a blow, and rewarding merit, not by kindness, but by withholding a blow.
Now I would have both so to benefit by the experience of others, and the precepts of a higher authority, that they should know beforehand to refuse the evil and choose the good, and require no experimental proofs to teach them the evil of transgression.
Blessed am I beyond women even herein, That beyond all born women is my sin, And perfect my transgression.
Many unacceptable transgressions are prevalent in the media," Joreige said.
People might view God as partly responsible for their transgressions if they attributed these transgressions to stable personal character traits that could be traced back to the way that they believe they were created by God.
Sex and the Spiritual Teacher blends spirituality and psychology as well as overall health and considers sexual transgressions between spiritual teachers and their students.
In addition to this there have been 19 transgressions by Pakistan.
For transgressions they had forgiven in the first session, participants showed more forgetting when they had been instructed to forget the scenario in the second session, compared to when they had been given no specific instructions.
NNA - A unit of inspectors from Electricity of Lebanon (EDL) accompanied by security forces attempted Wednesday morning clearing and removing all transgressions on electricity network of Mezher project in the town of Nehmeh when a group of people attacked them and cut off one of the Nehmeh roads in protest against said work.
BCCI sources said Jaitley's GC colleagues asked him to take measures to stop transgressions by DDCA officials during IPL matches at the Kotla, a top source said.
The resolution of transgressions in close relationships often depends on how victims reproach offenders and how offenders explain.
Camp's purpose is to argue that American Christians should be aware of their own history, past and present, of transgressions made in the name of Christendom--before criticizing Islam and Muslims.