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Immunity level to transients should be defined clearly.
While the research teams don't rule out the possibility that all three objects are related, only the discovery of similar celestial associations will determine whether quasars are prime suspects for gamma-ray bursts and optical transients, or if this one was merely an innocent bystander.
When observed on an oscilloscope, transients are measured as the peak deviation from a steady state baseline reference.
By including an automated systems to LOFAR that connects it to other observatories, my work will enable us to achieve unprecedented response times to monitor transients.
City Council members complain that transients being flushed from Skid Row are showing up in the neighboring areas they represent.
Although scientists and engineers have for a long time known about the potentially damaging effects of electrical surges, or transients, their concern has mounted in recent years because the use of electronic equipment in both home and business is growing rapidly.
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS): TVSSs, also known as surge protection devices (SPDs), protect alternating current (AC) electrical circuits from surges and transients in the electrical power created by lightning and power switching devices such as capacitors, and sometimes from the applications themselves.
Yes in my backyard' must be our collective motto throughout the city,'' Villaraigosa told local leaders during the opening of an apartment complex for transients now living on Skid Row.
Verification and control of pressure transients and intrusion in distribution systems.
Video interruptions can occur when the peak phase of the ring signal combined with the off-hook voltage create transients in the VDSL2 spectrum.
Los Angeles police can immediately begin rousting or arresting transients sleeping on Skid Row sidewalks during the day, but they should allow them to camp overnight for a 90-day trial period, the City Attorney's Office advised the City Council on Tuesday.