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Nancy Nathanson of Eugene, Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg, Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and Transportation Department officials spoke during the ceremony.
The debt agreements showed Virgin America's survival was contingent on Virgin Group financing, the Transportation Department said.
that extends authorization of the federal highway program for two months, a move that prevents nearly 5,000 Transportation Department workers from being laid off," said a report in the Washington Post for March 1.
P764: The Transportation Department serves as the technical advisor for the physical distribution of material in connection with the FMS programs.
And the administrative offices have used the transportation department to run business errands.
The airline has asked the Transportation Department to be considered as a carrier at Reagan the next time a time slot opens.
According to the state transportation department, cutting a swath through the park is the only viable way to relieve urban congestion and to make way for a future light-rail system.
and his colleagues examined state transportation department records covering the period from 1985 through 1988.
A Transportation Department study found sobriety checkpoints cut alcohol-related accidents by 13 percent.
To control costs, manage budgets, and enhance the federal grant tracking process, Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department selected workforce management solutions from Kronos Incorporated.
Walsh announced the appointment of Gina Fiandaca as Commissioner of the Boston Transportation Department (BTD).
A contractor for the transportation department is expected to start placing traffic control signs this week.

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