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There is a simple transposal here--tear-gland--spelled as two words in Webster's Third, but hyphenated in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
Far commoner was the author who had a single logological interest reiterated in the material he submitted: Walter Shedlofsky's anachuttles, David Stephens' ever-longer palindromes, John Ogden's phrasal anagrams (be the case = beteaches), Kyle Corbin's Scrabble game records, Leonard Ashley's quizzes, John Candelaria's large-number nomenclature, Paul Maxim's analysis of Mallarme for historical allusions, Bob Levinson's Jotto sets (five five-letter words containing 25 different letters), Bill Webster's stories replacing each word by a transposal (hyte nickled tumbrels = they clinked tumblers), Jerry Farrell's word games based on graph-theoretical and combinatorial models from mathematics.
pheasant) = fez + Zen mac hine = mac + chine cog ent = cog + gent monk ey = monk + key do ur = do + our as tern = as + stern tow elled = tow + welled add ress = add + dress arch er = arch + her mill ion = mill + lion lamp rey + lamp + prey suit able = suit + table ax el= ax + xel (shall) Transposal Offspring : ma m = ma + am sham ash = sham + mash oni on = Oni (a Nigerian title) + ion stear ates = stear (old' stare,) + rates 2-letters overlap (A?
Strictly speaking, these should be called transposal (or transposition) dictionaries; anagram is used by the National Puzzlers' League to mean a word or phrase that can be rearranged to an apposite word or phrase (DOMITORY to DIRTY ROOM), but most of the world does not recognize this restriction.
While there are 100 DARE items listed here, there are 124 transposals, as some have more than one transposal.
Using "anagrams" in the narrow sense of meaningful or COGNATE TRANSPOSALS, what are the longest single-word examples?
The first issue of Word Ways (back in February 1968) carried an item, An Elemental Problem, which quizzed readers with transposals of the names of 20 elements.
Of course the well-known palindromes, charades, Tom Swifties, transposals, lipograms (as you might not know, apart from the English translation A Void--and a Spanish, an Italian, a German, a Japanese, a Turkish and other translations [
In 'A Challenge' (Nov 1975) Dmitri Borgmann lists transdeletions such as MONDAY-NOMAD and NOVEMBER-OVERMEN (supermen), and in August 2009 Dave Morice's anagrammatically titled 'Anagram Calendar--Arranged Almanac' includes some single-word transposals, eg MONDAY-DYNAMO and MARCH-CHARM, as well as multi-word ones like TUESDAY-SEA DUTY and DECEMBER-BED CREME.