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He added that the volume of transshipment containers at KBSP in 2017 recorded a 55 per cent decline compared to 2016.
2006), two major types of transshipments are identified on the basis of timing of the transshipments.
The tagging of transshipments must be done within the day of arrival, or during the next business day for cargoes that arrive beyond office hours, Sevilla said.
At the same time, the Group adhered to the "Bohai Rim Strategy" to build a container transshipment hub at all-out endeavors.
5) Make lateral transshipments using the inventory equalization policy (TIE).
We all share a responsibility for preventing the misuse of transshipment by those who would harm global security and econ-omic prosperity.
The transshipment problem consists in determining the replenishment quantities where a specific transfer policy is practiced [5].
MSC) signed a transshipment contract with the Port of Beirut in 2005 and CMA-CGM signed a similar but smaller pact in 2006.
Tagaras and Cohen (1992) analyzed a two-location periodic review system with non-negligible replenishment lead times by using emergency lateral transshipments as an alternative to lessen the occurrence of shortages.
It is because at high reorder level, the lateral transshipments are frequent and thus the other warehouse faces stock-out conditions.
This results in hundreds of vehicles being containerized by contract personnel at the transshipment port.
But the agreement contains a mechanism that allows the United States to adjust and penalize Vietnam's quotas if there is evidence of transshipment.