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The Breast Cancer Travel Mug holds hot and cold drinks wherever you go and its tapered body means it fits most vehicle cup holders, is splash proof and has a drink-through lid.
99 each ONE CUP COFFEE MAKER The clever way to start your day, it even comes with a travel mug for filter coffee on the go.
A bowl of cereal with milk is a quick and nutritious solution, and Kelloggs children's cereals are fortified with D, B vitamins and iron but if she's struggling to even fit that in, she could try making a cereal smoothie for her travel mug the night before.
2 | Contigo Contigo is launching its largest travel mug yet - a 24-ounce, vacuum insulated Au-toseal West Loop that still fits in a car cup holder.
Typo's product line includes a travel mug that says "Porn is my saviour" and an iPhone cover featuring a naked woman sitting provocatively in a cross-legged pose with the word "dirty" above her.
It illustrated how coffee and its inherent caffeine are so integral to our lives and lifestyles these days that everyone assumes your travel mug is an extension of your personage, and as such, one not to be questioned.
It seems my ``barrista'' is prohibited from filling my travel mug.
I drive 70 miles to work, so I will dash out of the door with a cup of tea in my travel mug.
A FEW weeks ago you wrote about the Bodum travel mug and gave it 10/10.
The Kug, similar in size to a travel mug, is made up of two cups.