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GeoHoliday Club Scam Prevention is a special area of this travel club that is dedicated to educating members of current travel scams.
This year no scam is more popular than the "Front Desk" Scam, and as people are enjoying their spring and summer vacations the United Reservation Services Scam Team wants to make sure that members have safe trips that are unaffected by the front desk travel scam.
The following is a list of the top five travel scams for travellers to be aware of, as compiled by online travel company, Cheapflights.
A growing rate of Internet travel scams is already costing consumers more than $10 billion a year, according to the American Society of Travel Agents.
Throughout the thirteen chapters, the authors cover a wide range of travel hassles, including flight overbookings and delays, car rental problems, travel scams, issues related to traveling abroad as well as tips on how to deal with discrimination.
One of the most common travel scams in the industry today is that of pickpocketing scams.
For those who don't want to return home empty-handed, McAuliffe has provided a pick of the worst travel scams and how to avoid them.
Telemarketing travel scams usually originate out of "boiler rooms.
Grand Travel Worldwide discusses some common travel scams and provides advice on preventing them.
Twenty companies nationwide are being sued by federal, state and local authorities in a crackdown on travel scams.
From the most harebrained expense account violations to ingenious travel scams, the Fraudies Awards take a lighthearted look at a serious problem that cost companies millions and ultimately punishes the vast majority of employees who are honest and ethical.