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noun accumulation, bank, cache, capital, central money office, coffer, deposit, depository, depot, exchequer, fund, place of deposit, purse, receptacle, repertory, repository, reservatory, reserve, reserve fund, safe, store, storehouse, strongbox, thesaurus, till, treasure house, vault
See also: arsenal, collection, depository, repository, selection, store


the government department responsible for the administration of the nation's finances. Certain transactions (e.g. especially those involving non-resident companies controlled by UK residents) require Treasury consent before they can be lawfully effected.

TREASURY. The place where treasure is kept the office of a treasurer. The term is more usually applied to the public than to a private treasury. Vide Department of the Treasury o the United States.

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This is a strategic issue that touches all aspect of the business, not just treasury.
Treasury staffs would only become directly involved when it becomes prudent to hedge the remaining risks with derivatives or other financial risk management tools.
The Treasury's proposed legislation would do just that and would designate the Treasury itself as the federal agency in charge, with quite broad powers in this area.