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TREE. A woody plant, which in respect of thickness and height grows greater than any other plant.
     2. Trees are part of the real estate while growing, and before they are severed from the freehold; but as soon as they are cut down, they are personal property.
     3. Some trees are timber trees, while others do not bear that denomination. Vide Timber, and 2 Bl. Com. 281.
     4. Trees belong to the owner of the land where they grow, but if the roots go out of one man's land into that of another, or the branches spread over the adjoining estates, such roots or branches may be cut off by the owner of the land into which they thus grow. Rolle's R. 394; 3 Bulst. 198; Vin. Ab. Trees, E; and tit. Nuisance, W 2, pl. 3; 8 Com. Dig. 983; 2 Com. Dig. 274; 10 Vin. Ab. 142; 20 Viii. Ab. 415; 22 Vin. Ab. 583; 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 138; 2 Supp. to Ves. jr. 162, 448; 6 Ves. 109.
     5. When the roots grow into the adjoining land, the owner of such land may lawfully claim a right to hold the tree in common with the owner of the land where it was planted; but if the branches only overshadow the adjoining land, and the root does not enter it, the tree wholly belongs owner of the estate where the roots grow. 1 Swift's Dig. 104; 1 Hill. Ab. 6; 1 Ld. Raym. 737. Vide 13 Pick. R. 44; 1 Pick., R. 224; 4 Mass. R. 266; 6 N. H. Rep. 430; 3 Day, 476; 11 Co. 50; Rob. 316; 2 Rolle, It. 141 Moo. & Mal. 112; 11 Conn. R. 177; 7 Conn. 125; 8 East, R. 394; 5 B. & Ald. 600; 1 Chit. Gen. Pr. 625; 2 Phil. Ev. 138; Gale & Wheat. on Easem. 210; Code Civ. art. 671; Pardes. Tr. des Servitudes, 297; Bro. Ab. Demand, 20; Dall. Dict. mot Servitudes, art. 3 Sec. 8; 2 P. Wms. 606; Moor, 812; Hob. 219; Plowd. 470; 5 B. & C. 897; S. C. 8 D. & R. 651. When the tree grows directly on the boundary line, so that the line passes through it, it is the property of both owners, whether it be marked as a boundary or not. 12 N. H. Rep. 454.

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In other words, cut-off values of individual inbreeding coefficients in the regression tree diagrams formed by the tree-based algorithms might release information on degree of inbreeding depression in a flock.
In the second stage, two tools were used to automatise the production of the tree diagrams and to link them to their corresponding database entry: a) the Charniak parser (Charniak & Johnson, 2005), which uses a regularised MaxEntreranker to select the best parse from the 50 best parses yielded by a generative parsing model; and b) the phpSyntax Tree (http://www.
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As an additional result of this study, it is virtually seen on all of the phylogenetic tree diagrams that the fat-tailed sheep were clearly separeted from the others.
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High-speed Internet connections have now opened the door to intensive online applications that display results through physical representations--maps, constellation charts, tree diagrams or two-dimensional shapes--and group results into easily accessible subtopics.
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Tree diagrams or Mind Maps[R] can be created to show all of the possibilities that were examined as well as technologies that were being used by the competition (5).
yellow for area, green for volume, blue for width, white for length, pink for perimeter, orange for mass) so that the measurement data could easily be distinguished and organized into different graphic representations, including vertical and horizontal bars, number-line plots, pie graphs, pictographs, and tree diagrams.
Outlines and tree diagrams, which many web designers use, are limiting because they are linear and the Web is inherently a non-linear medium.