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Thomas Booch, head of Berlin-based distrib Magic Picture Home Entertainment, has become a hero to Trekkies around the planet after not only providing Paramount and CBS Home Entertainment with the long-lost 1965 original cut of the "Star Trek" pilot episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before," but also for largely restoring it.
We are confident that this contest will inspire the true Star Trek fanatic to tell us why they are the biggest Trekkie.
Then you've got an entirely id-driven beast like Trekkie (Christian Anderson), who spends his days trolling the Internet for porn.
Later, as Waplington's cropped form shimmers beside a bank of rusted loudspeakers, he appears caught in the act of manifesting or disintegrating, a bald and naked Trekkie visiting the long-deserted catastrophe of some backward planet.
Members can choose from more than 30 NTN interactive games - from Rosie O'Donnell's Trivia of the 70s to Trekkie Trivia - on NTN's area located in the AOL Games Channel (AOL keyword: NTN).
And while some of the human cast, who act alongside their puppet characters, are new, Stephen Arden is one of those returning for this latest UK run, playing the dual roles of Nicky and Trekkie Monster.
The Trekkie was famous worldwide for his flat and regularly gave interviews about it.
The result is a fun array of whimsical Trek ideas perfect for any Trekkie.
The nerdy factor, the Trekkie stuff, it goes with 'Big Bang' and it all worked together," she said in a statement.
If it weren't for the hilariously performed puppet sex between Jake Nichols' Princeton and Libby Schap's Kate Monster, Lucy the Slut's (Brian Hunter) very bad behavior, talk about racism, homosexuality and Trekkie Monster's (Kevin H.
Ryan Germick, Google doodler and Trekkie, led a team of animators to create a multi-scene animation for the original series' first episode, 'The Man Trap,' the New York Daily News reported.