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Brady is boisterously hilarious as the porn-obsessed Trekkie Monster, the one truly outsized puppet in the show, an explosion of russet fur.
The doodle appeared a day ahead of schedule to give Trekkies, or Trekkers - some extra time to obsess, the paper said.
OI, YOU Jonny Fines with Trekkie Monster, one of the characters in Avenue Q, out and about in Newcastle yesterday
Obviously I'm not talking about taking this look to the extreme; you don't after all want it to look like you've attended one too many Trekkie conventions.
Cheer Boldly, Ultimate Trekkie Costume Contest & Much More
Star Trek and Philosophy" is educational reading, a must for any Trekkie and armchair philosopher.
That was the only time we were allowed to watch TV during dinner, because my dad was a Trekkie.
At a Trekkie convention, a fan asked her: "If you're Spock's mother, what is Spock's first name?
Favourite character/moment: I would say Trekkie Monster and Lucy the Slut.
The Star Trek fan added: "I am really into sci-fi and horror so I really want to go to a big Trekkie convention in the US and dress up.
Since moving in with Minty, he's had the sex-life of a Trekkie with halitosis.
From accounts of auditions and Star Trek shoots and conventions to Wheaton's personal life, this provides an insider's viewpoint like no other and is a 'must read' for any Trekkie.