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Joel Mandelbaum, President and CEO at Wall Street Systems said, "Wall Street Systems and Trema are undisputed leaders in treasury, foreign exchange and back office solutions.
Trema offers two distinct solutions tailored to respond to the varied needs, budgetary constraints, and operational complexities of today's treasuries:
Additionally, Trema Finance KIT CMM will enable Henkel Corporation to customize position reports as well as improve management of inter company loans throughout the North American Group.
We are delighted that Bci has chosen the TremaSuite(TM) to support the management of its treasury and investment management operations," said Trema Executive Vice President, Terry Beadle.
Not only does the TremaSuite(TM) avoid these pitfalls, but by embedding NumeriX' analytics into its core instrument management engine, Trema now provides customers with a choice of best in class valuation models for more accurate financial performance.
Trema is a privately held corporation, which is owned by major institutional investors with a strong track record: Investcorp, The Carlyle Group, ABS Ventures and Norsk Vekst.
Trema is proven at over 250 global blue-chip customers including The European Central Bank, Lucent Technologies, Banque de France, Porsche, GE Capital, ING Investment Management, Merck and Philips.
The integrated solution will allow members of Currenex and customers of Trema to have their trading positions in foreign exchange spots, swaps, and forwards updated automatically on a real-time basis in Finance KIT, via the Trema Transaction Hub Service.
Based on these quantifiable, verifiable data, Trema has been chosen as a leader in the treasury and asset management software category.
We are aggressively working with cutting-edge technology firms such as Trema to capture the business coming out of these straight through processing platforms.
Following the successful development and installation at Ericsson, Goldman Sachs and Trema now plan to offer this facility to other Goldman Sachs and Trema customers.