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Laparoscopic surgery for the abdominal visceral organs requires pneumoperitoneum and the Trendelenburg position to optimise surgical conditions, and can reduce cardiac output and respiratory compliance (10).
Asystole episode in our case did not require CPR and recovery was achieved with 100% oxygen administration while being placed in Trendelenburg position could be considered important.
During chest optimization, patients were randomly placed in either the Trendelenburg position 15[degrees] below horizontal or supine position 0[degrees] to horizontal.
Position the morbidly obese patient in the semi-Fowler's or reverse Trendelenburg position at 45[degrees] to protect the airway.
Other added values are its powerful electromagnetic turning brake, electrical movements, Trendelenburg position, and ergonomic design.
And they can give inaccurate readings, especially with the patient in the Trendelenburg position.
After we moved Lester into the Trendelenburg position, he quickly regained consciousness.
In a nursing survey, Dumont (12) found that Trendelenburg position was used all or most of the time in only 17.
Her blood pressure was very low so the bed was tilted, making the patient's head lower than her legs, ie the Trendelenburg position.
I heard a sound and turned around and observed the table had tilted in the Trendelenburg position.
Under general anesthetic, the patient was prepared and positioned in a Trendelenburg position.