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TRET, weights and measures. An allowance made for the water or dust that may be mixed with any commodity. It differs from tare. (q.v.)

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It's common for singers to point to real-life trials as the inspiration for their songs, but Tret Fure might have wished for a little less grist for the mill.
Folk-rock legends Cris Williamson and Tret Fure ended their 20-year relationship in March.
City area Gujar Khan, Mankiala, Mandra Feeder, Mandra, Chheial, Choa Khalsa Feeder, Sir Soba Shah, Doberain, LTC Feeder, Lakson Tobeco Company Mandra, Hamid Jhangi Feeder, Hamid Jhangi and surroundings March 21- 22 (Saturday-Sunday): From 0900 to 1500 Hours, New Rawat Feeder, CWO Feeder, AOWHS Feeder, GT Road, Dhoke Awan, Rawat, Dhoke Mori Jake, Dhoke Baig, KRL, Bandiyal, Sihala and surroundings From 0900 to 1700 Hours, Ghur Ghush Feeder, Shah Der Feeder, Ghur Ghushti, Shah Der and surroundings March 21-24-26: From 0900 to 1500 Hours, Bhara Kahu Feeder, Tret Feeder.
Having recently gone through a painful breakup with her lover of 20 years, singer Tret Fure, she's coming up with new songs as emotionally cutting as those on Changer.
Radio Quiet Ods Williamson and Tret Fure (Wolf Moon, $15:99)
3 Radio Quiet Cris Williamson and Tret Fure (Wolf Moon, $15.
Williamson, along with life partner-music partner Tret Fure, continues the tradition with Between the Covers, a collection of love songs.
Market divided into 2 lots Lot 1 - Littoral - geographical area Aix en Provence, Lauris, Gardanne, Fuveau, Trets and Marseille.
The enhanced focus on the former engineering centers Aix-en-Provence, Gardanne, Lambesc, Pertuis Peyrolles-en-Provence, Trets.
Market divided into 2 lots - Lot 1 - SHORE - geographic area Aix en Provence, Lauris, Gardanne, Fuveau, Trets and Marseille- Lot 2 - Mistral - Geographic Area Les Pennes Mirabeau, Cabries Martigues, Port St Louis du Rhone, Port de Bouc, Berre l~Etang, Miramas, La Fare les Oliviers, Tarascon Vitrolles, Chateauneuf Les Martigues and Istres.
Contract notice: Supply of food for meal preparation by the central kitchen of the city from trets.