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2d3 will reportedly use the HASP Trialware Toolkit to distribute its new boujou bullet software.
Follow up with an e-mail blitz: "E-mail can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool in conjunction with trialware downloads.
Moreover, the Symantec store offers downloadable and boxed versions of most titles, as well as trialware and multiple language editions.
In turn, the trialware downloads generate traffic for SmartDraw's Web site, which showcases "cool examples" of applications contributed by customers.
With the increasing importance of the Internet, and with the bandwidth improvements you're going to start to see, everything is going to be available as trialware.
The time-out approach: If a single trialware standard emerges, it's likely to be a full-featured configuration that expires after a user has spent time learning and testing the product.
Major publishers now routinely saturate the market with trialware versions; others give away software to generate demand for high-margin services and data.
The Vostro[TM] branded products feature no trialware and simple to use tools that address top-of-mind problems such as data back-up, PC performance and health, and specialized networking support for customers without dedicated IT staff.