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He told ANI, " the great silhouette shown by the artisans of India to the people of northeast and Assam will go a long way in increasing the number of participants in the coming future and more importantly the tribal communities from all across the country will get an opportunity to earn their income through such festival.
This bill would make much-needed investments in our states and tribal communities as they fight back against the epidemic.
The schools in the tribal communities have been accused of links with the underground Left mainly due to the suspicion that the organizing groups, including the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, have been also linked to progressive organizations.
IC: Why did the NDA government ignore the rights of tribal communities and prefer to empower state governments, according to you?
It showcases three tribal communities in Montana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma that have successfully improved safety for walking and bicycling to school and describes the tactics these communities are using.
So far, nine urban communities, two rural communities, and two tribal communities have been designated as Promise Zones (designees, finalists, and applicants).
Department of Interior's jurisdiction is revamped to include more input from tribal communities.
Before the end of this year, another batch of IP soldiers would be deployed to 35 villages in northeastern and northern Mindanao to start their own respective ALS cells and hand down mainstream education to members of the tribal communities, Martinez said.
Drafters of PPACA refer repeatedly to tribal communities and the need to improve Native Americans' access to health care and health coverage.
Peshawar -- The Government is undertaking various initiatives for the welfare of the tribal communities in South Waziristan Agency.
Recently, with the encouragement of federal policy, funding, and exercising of sovereignty within the tribal communities, tribal members have returned to their rural tribal communities to work for tribal programs and enterprises.
Our consulting, training and technical assistance programs are designed to empower tribal communities by providing results-oriented solutions and problem-solving strategies to address today's challenging issues in Indian Country.

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