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An administration official in the South Waziristan tribal area said that the tribesmen were released as a result of efforts by two local parliamentarians who had brokered an amnesty agreement between wanted tribesmen and authorities April 24.
Affected tribesmen demanded of the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, additional chief secretary Fata and political agent Khyber Agency to instantly transfer the political tehsildar with a dutiful officer at Levy Centre.
11--At least five men were killed and an unknown number injured in a raid launched Sunday night by armed tribesmen on Houthi headquarters in downtown Rada'a, Al-Baida governorate.
An official from the area shared that a large number of tribesmen have started migrating from Saidgi, Bangi Dar, Mada Khel, Kucha Mada Khel, Mezar and Manzar Khel areas of Ghulam Khan and Shawal Tehsils, while residents of Khushalai Tori Khel, Edak and Haider Khel have left from Mirali Tehsil and a large number of tribesmen have started to vacate homes in villages in the agency headquarters of Miramshah.
Security source told NINA that a police force along with tribesmen clashed with armed groups, believed to be members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in Khalidiya area, east of Ramadi.
Haroon Rashid said, since long the tribal people have been deprived of the basic human rights and the prevailing uncertain circumstances have made the tribesmen mentally and psychologically abnormal.
Armed tribesmen of a powerful tribal coalition, Bani Dhabian and Jihm, bombed the oil pipeline in Serwah city and exploded the country's main electricity grid, causing mass blackout in other provinces including the capital Sana'a," the official told Xinhua by phone.
Several people and security men were wounded in the incident after hundreds of tribesmen gathered outside the offices of private Al-Watan TV which was hosting pro-government candidate Nabeel al-Fadl.
Karzai was talking to a delegation of Kuchi tribesmen at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, the presidential spokesman's office said in a statement.
According to the Dawn, the dead included three Pakistani tribesmen and two Afghan soldiers.
At least 10 government-loyal tribesmen, including tribal leaders, were killed on Saturday in three ambushes made by the rebels in Kafalah and Mafrak Barat in Haraf Sufyan, Amran province, tribal sources in Amran said.
The tribesmen are brandishing guns tied with red ribbons (a symbol of Pushtun nationalism) and have assembled on the beat of the drums,'' a local reporter who attended the tribal congregation told Kyodo News over the telephone.