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The delegates informed the GOC about the thorough body search, identification parade and the mistreatment of tribesmen on check posts by the personnel of armed forces.
Mr Mehmud then distributed food and non-food items among the families of the recovered tribesmen along with giving them Rs10,000 each.
Numbers of tribesmen of Khuga Khel tribe took part in the protest.
Protesters, who mainly comprise Mehsud tribesmen from South and North Waziristan, demand arrest of fugitive SSP Malir Rao Anwar and other members of his team who were allegedly involved in extra-judicial killings.
Similarly there is a territory dispute between Kachai Shaikhan village and Aurakzai tribesmen since long time.
He said that tribesmen had made deprived of their basic daily life facilities and compelled to spend lives in terror situation.
Only the tribesmen have the right to decide about their future.
The Iraqi tribesmen should be armed instead of sending reinforcement forces to Anbar province," Head of Iraq's Awakening Councils Wassam al-Hordan told FNA on Saturday.
If this is the case, it mean Iraqi tribesmen were pledging support for the militants and against the US coalition and Iraqi army over two weeks before Ramadi even happened, on May 17.
Adel Al-Asbahi, the security chief of Al-Baida, said ten tribesmen and 23 Houthis were confirmed killed, but the number could be higher and no information is available regarding the number of wounded because both parties took them away.
He pointed out that "the tribesmen were able to kill / 3 / elements of the (IS) were present at the surfaces of one of the houses in the Al-Sjaria area, explaining that the tribesmen are continuing to free the entire region, and re-opening the road links between Amiriyat al-Fallujah and Habbaniyah and Khalidiya down to the city of Ramadi," .
At the same time, fierce battles between Al Houthi rebels and Al Qaida-allied tribesmen have continued to ravage the southern province of Al Bayda for the second consecutive week despite calls from the Yemen President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to the rebels to halt clashes.