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It's a trick question, of course, because no one knows the answer.
It was a trick question, the Bruins being unable to face an obscure opponent without somebody recalling Ed O'Bannon in 1994 not knowing where Tulsa was located or Tracy Murray in 1991 saying Penn State was one of those Ivy League schools.
None of the above would be the correct response to this trick question.
I didn't think they'd throw in a trick question for pounds 16,000 but they did.
Not even a lifeline would have helped you because it was a trick question.
I think that's a trick question, I'm not going to answer it,'' he said.
It was a trick question from presenter James Naughtie, and he could have walked round it rather than give a clear-cut answer that puts him in the opposing camp to Gordon Brown.
A spokesman for the prestigious David Lloyd Tennis Centre in Raynes Park, south west London, said it was a trick question that coaches often asked and Mr Kennedy had forgotten to allow for double faults.
Of course, savvy moviegoers will know that last one is a trick question.
It's a trick question - the answer is none as he lost his seat at the last general election.
I don't know about those trick questions you're trying to ask me, but I am staying in New York.
Another set even featured a set of 'metallic teeth' that clangorously 'attacked' the contestants as they tried to answer trick questions in only five seconds a pop.