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Like Berge, Dieckmann identifies CAT-bond-specific factors as the peril and the applied trigger mechanism as pricing determining factors.
In simple language: forget about any punishment or automatic trigger mechanisms that might affect a country's sovereignty.
Finding a trigger mechanism, choosing to live life outside of the walls of the correctional environment, and making family a priority in your life are all great ways of preventing and changing the cycle.
The Trigger mechanisms of Article 13 include: (1) State Party referrals to the Prosecution; (2) referral to the Prosecution by the U.
The paucity of records of captures of juveniles because of possible malfunction of the trigger mechanism led us to develop a more robust and simpler live trap.
Businesses have to consider their options carefully ( either to develop a consultation system in preparation for the new regulations or wait for the trigger mechanism which requires at least 10pc of the workforce to petition before the regulations apply.
Generally, single-action handguns come with manual devices that disable the trigger mechanism so that users can carry the weapon with the hammer cocked and ready to fire but locked so that it cannot be activated until the release of the safety--also known as "cocked and locked.
The air was unstable, which allowed for bad weather, and then there was a trigger mechanism .
US secretary of state, Colin Powell, told the Europeans this week the draft provided "no trigger mechanism in the case of further Iranian intransigence or difficulty".
If used on a liftgate, Intellitouch can eliminate up to 50 separate pieces, allow optimal placement of the trigger mechanism (e.
The TP20 uses a similar 5-way kinematic trigger mechanism, and provides the same 0.