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The Panic-X eliminates trigger punch with an anti-slap trigger mechanism that prevents the hook from opening when the trigger isn't properly squeezed.
A PSNI detective said the liquid mercury could be used as part of a trigger mechanism for an under-car booby trap bomb.
THOSE WHO READ MY ARTICLES KNOW that I am a proponent of handguns with a double-action-only trigger mechanism for defensive purpose, and some of the most user-friendly DAO pistols on today's market are made by Kahr Arms.
He called for a realistic trigger mechanism to adjust the RFS to market reality.
Scientists believe the trigger mechanism involves natural helper cells, a recently discovered element of the immune system.
Carwyn The trigger mechanism requires 40 of the 60 AMs to vote in favour and without at least some opposition support would be lost.
After tackling a man armed with a shotgun to the floor, he stuck his finger in the trigger mechanism to stop the man firing the gun, injuring his finger in the process.
Begin with a dash of plutonium sprinkle some uranium-235 add a trigger mechanism and a rocket booster and voil&225; a nuclear deterrence program
I found the trigger mechanism used by the LAUSD to negotiate rates at a committee level or to require the covered employees to bear the additional costs when the rates increase by more than 3.
Several cylindrical (Scheffer, 1934; Ingles, 1949; Sargeant, 1966; Baker and Williams, 1972; Hart, 1973) and box-type live traps (Sherman, 1941; Howard, 1952) have been developed for pocket gophers, all of which use a trigger mechanism (plate).
July 1993 H9 amended, six-hit trigger mechanism introduced
She has chosen - or the Government have chosen - 42 days with a trigger mechanism because that is the number of days they believe they can get through the House of Commons; but there is no evidence whatsoever to support such an extension.