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TRIPLICATION, pleading. This was formerly used in pleading instead of rebutter. 1 Bro. Civ. Law, 469, n.

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As shown in Figure 3, B, interphase FISH showed that 31 of 200 nuclei (15%) displayed 4 MLL fusion signals, confirming the tandem triplication observed by conventional chromosome analysis (Figure 3, A).
two instances of the same morphosemantic stem, it can also call for three, as in cases of triplication which, while not common, are robust in some languages, typically marking verbal aspect of some kind (see e.
These models can even be crossbred to produce mice with additional novel genotypes, and studies can therefore determine whether triplication of specific genes or combinations of genes are involved in causing Down syndrome or its individual features.
2] resulting from a 50 percent increase in the level of brain copper-zinc superoxide dismutase (a gene dosage effect arising from triplication of chromosome 21) unmatched by compensatory rises in catalase or glutathione peroxidase.
Rapid detection of [alpha]-thalassemia deletions and [alpha]-globin gene triplication by multiplex polymerase chain reaction.
The proposed SV scheme is based on a procedure or application triplication along with a signature-based control-flow checking, and comparison of the outputs of two copies for errors detection, and in case an error is detected, then it is followed by voting upon the outputs of all three copies that get executed sequentially in order to tolerate one fault, and to produce a correct output (that is, the output in majority).
Bivalve mollusk production has been increasing in the last 50 years worldwide, with a triplication of its production in the last decade (Lovatelli 2003).
It is the mounting cost, inconvenience and annoyance of handling all that paper--the printing, requesting, receiving, filing, retrieving, duplication, triplication, faxing, shipping, filing again, losing, finding, reshipping, validating, reading, pretending-to-read, auditing and archiving--that has everyone looking for a better way.
Although Propp states that triplication may modulate specific details, functions or groups of functions, and even sequences, he does not go into the significance of the phenomenon and dismisses it as not functional (Propp 1928: 74-75).
They really, naively, think that their duplication or triplication of statistical requests is construed to be a reduction of paperwork demands placed on businesses.
One notices, too, the quite deliberate triplication, mirroring the three prologue Heralds.