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The contract was handed over to Trist Stars who will be using Mediterranean and Ayat as sub-contracting companies," he said.
Trist recibio instrucciones secretisimas que, no obstante, fueron difundidas por los periodicos de inmediato.
Two final figures played a part in winding down the war: Trist and Clay.
Luc knows the horrors of war, but young Ebon and his friends anxiously await their graduation day, at which time they will join the army of Trist for what they believe will be the greatest battle in history.
The derisory sum was revealed by trist fund organisers after a meeting with Phoenix Venture Holdings following the High Court's rejection of a claim against banking giant HBOS.
Wellington, Mar 9( ANI ): Former New Zealand coach David Trist has said Kiwi fast bowler Chris Martin has hit peak form at the age of 37, 11 years of making his Test debut for the Black Caps against the Proteas in Bloemfontein.
Drawing on the ideas of self-regulation implicit in both Lewin's and Bion's experiments, Eric Trist (a cofounder of the Tavistock Institute who had worked with Lewin in the USA before the war) and his colleagues at the Institute set out to challenge the prevailing hierarchical and bureaucratic model of organisation that had characterised the patterning of work relations across most of the industrial sector pre- and post-war, both private and public.
Polk, Winfield Scott, Kit Carson, Nicholas Trist, and John Quincy Adams.
Polk, as he acquires California and New Mexico and, in a treaty with England, gains the Oregon Territory; Kit Carson, the mountain man and Indian agent whose service plays an important part in securing California for the US; and Nicholas Trist, who negotiates the treaty which ends the war with Mexico.
L'incipit di 3,3 richiama a sua volta l'esordio di Trist.
For example, Kira and van Eijnatten quote only Emery and Trist (1965), the very first publication of the new theory of causal texture of the environment.