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Big Daddy Cool Diesel's" son Tristen is an aspiring rock performer and has been recording Youtube clips on of which was a venue for his father to defend him against bashers who were critical of his talent.
Tristen and his friends stand accused of foul play, and in an effort to make things right, he enlists Marcella's help in organizing a search party.
The story and the mysterious connection between Jill and Tristen develops slowly as their relationship builds on the tension.
For years, Nancy Mazurianic has watched her son Tristen suffer from painful ear infections.
Acknowledgments: We thank Elizabeth Levandowsky and Tristen Weaver for preparing the libraries and performing the sequencing.
The show was hosted by performer and entertainer Tristen Braggs and Salman Mahmood who kept the crowd going through some long drawn breaks with their own music and songs.
Much loved Dad of Portland, Ashleigh, Jeremy and Jason and Daughters-in-law Fionuala, Karen and Kelli, treasured Grandpa of Verity, Ross, Emma, Nicole and Tristen and long time fellow celt Jimmy.
GO HUDDERSFIELD: Holly, Amy, Benji, Alex, Chris and Gomes zyCowan190508-7; ONE IN LOVE: Spider and Laura zyCowan190508-14; WE LOVE AFTERPARTY: Tristen, Natalia and Lucy zyCowan190508-3; I LOVE JOSH: Richard and Josh zyCowan190508-8; WE LOVE HUDDERSFIELD AND BONGO DAVE: Stereo MC's Nick, Cath, Rob and Rachel zyCowan190508-1; IOCUS ROCKS
Overlooking the site are (from left) Jim Carroll from Carrolls, Ian Bell, centre director, Sean Hanlon from Carrolls, architect Tristen Spicer from Kevin Doonan and Mike Scott, estates manager
Four young people (Erica Leershen, Tristen Skyler, Stephen Barker Turner and Kim Director) sign up for the Blair Witch Tour supervised by local lad Jeff Donovan.
He recruits self-styled witch Erica, Kim the frighteningly-dressed Goth and students Tristen and Stephen, who are writing a book on the Blair Witch.
They include Erica Leerhsen, who is soon to be seen in The Sopranos - "I play a lesbian tennis professional" - Jeff Donovan, whom you might just recognise from a small role in Sleepers, Tristen Skylar, Kim Director and Stephen Barker Turner.