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Not only does this newest edition include more works than the 1998 one, but it seems to have achieved wider dissemination: according to WorldCat at this writing, only five libraries in the entire world have the Trito volume, while some eight times that many already own the Boileatt edition.
AFTER showing off his clairvoyance powers on Trito on Friday, he engaged in a little misinformation claiming that the government spokesmen had been trying to "convince us that there is no natural gas in Cyprus," and that "Total was justified to leave.
When he is not offering spiritual guidance to his flock -- he hardly ever does nowadays -- Chrys works as a business and economics analyst for Trito radio show uttering his naive theories for our benefit.
Its approval would be "high treason" he told Trito.
Of special interest is his edition, with Anton Cardo, of the complete works by Albeniz for solo voice and piano: Integral de l'obra per a veu i piano (Barcelona: Trito, 1998).
The CyBC with its network of island-wide reporters kept Trito radio audiences updated regularly about the snow, informing us on Wednesday morning about every village, in every district that a few flakes of snow had fallen -- from Vavtsinia to Klirou.
These measures have been put in place in attempt to gather the e1/4135 million in uncollected fines or social insurance and income tax payments," member of the police top brass, Demetris Pitsillides told state broadcaster, Radio Trito.
Speaking to Radio Trito, Matsas told reporters that somewhere between 10 and 12 operations had been rescheduled for tomorrow to avoid any complications but there were no problems caused by the blackout, he said.
Finance minister Shiarly, before going to his barber, Saturday before last, had told the Trito radio, morning show that the government's counter-proposals had been sent to the troika.