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COPAN is a family-owned company, and it will continue to be managed, with the same vision and attention to corporate responsibility, by the Triva family.
Triva said: "When I got up there, the victim was just sitting there and she didn't have no legs.
TRIVA PINO STORMED UP TO LeJoyce Garrett, looked her square in the eyes and punched her right in the mouth.
If it's a definitive guide to bar jokes you seek, look no further than the tips, triva and terms defined by Michael Lewis in A Guy Walks Into A Bar?
In other words, all the arguments publicly alleged in the past by imitators to justify their behavior are overcome and we hope this will bring clarity to the markets," says Daniele Triva, COPAN Group's CEO and Founder.
All her life, Information Systems Technician 3rd Class (SW) Triva Buie has been a fighter, but it wasn't until she climbed into the boxing ring two years ago that her attitude toward fighting shifted.
Protecting intellectual property is critical in fostering innovation and this latest patent reflects the growing trend worldwide to protect COPAN's flocked swabs," concludes Daniele Triva, COPAN Group's General Manager.