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Should any of those troublemakers, be they old or young, men or women, locals or residents, be caught in the act, they will be handled without tolerance, and referred to the prosecution for legal action," a police source told Khaleej Times.
It was also reassuring to hear the APOEL president calling for the punishment of the troublemakers even though they were supporters of his club.
The Pub Watch scheme works by providing a forum for licensees to share information and best practice, which enables them to ban known troublemakers from every establishment which joins the scheme.
I give credit to the licensees as they were very good at getting potential troublemakers off their premises and the only trouble we had was from people lawfully ejected from pubs.
The Interior Ministry said the troublemakers in Qatif were acting at the behest of a foreign country "which tried to undermine the nation's security in a blatant act of interference.
Gateshead Area Command's South Neighbourhood Policing Team, which covers Wrekenton, is supporting the scheme that has won the support of eight landlords who meet monthly to share information about troublemakers.
They gave victims the chance to talk frankly to police about the troublemakers wreaking havoc and misery in their communities.
Protest Police dashed to the scene and the troublemakers fled, leaving damage estimated at more than pounds 600.
I want the local youngsters to enjoy the area and to keep them safe we will target the small number of troublemakers and remove them from the area.
If there are troublemakers in the village you detain and arrest the troublemakers.
POLICE are today considering applying for injunctions barring troublemakers after 35 people were arrested following a city centre clash.
TROUBLEMAKERS will be banned from every pub, club and nightspot in Nuneaton town centre.