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The true negative rate of Probabilistic clustering approach is the highest with 82.
0% (36 of 50) were true negatives (Figure 2, G) and 28% (14 of 50) were considered false negatives.
37%) patients without acute appendicitis into the true negative group with scores <7.
Sensitivity was equal to: True Positive/True Positive + False Negative x 100; while Specificity was equal to: True Negative/False Positive + True Negative x 100.
Overall accuracy = True Positve Case + True Negative cases/Total cases X 100%
Negative Predictive Value= True Negative X 100 / False Negative + True Negative
True negative includes all cases were a diagnosis of no tear on MRI was confirmed on arthroscopy.
The incidence of true positive, true negative, false positive and false negative were calculated.
The efficacy of the screening tests was evaluated [7] by determining the number of true positives (both screening and definitive method in the abnormal range), true negatives (both screening and definitive tests in the normal range), false positives (abnormal screening tests, normal definitive test), and false negatives (normal screening test, abnormal definitive test).
of True positive + True negative + False positive + False negative X100
ASD and PDA are post natal diagnoses and neonates with these conditions diagnosed postnatally were included in true negative cases
Thirty Two (64%) patients showed true positive, 4 patients (08%) showed false positive, 09 (18%) patients showed true negative and 05 patients (10%) patients showed false negative results.