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The division has secured contracts totaling more than $30 million to repave sections of Minnesota Trunk Highways 11, 71 and 2.
22,620,000 GO state trunk highway refunding bonds, series 2009L.
Description and Location: Construction of "new" CR 78 from 235th/Denmark Ave to Trunk Highway 3 in Eureka and Castle Rock
24 offering consists of $327 million various purpose GO bonds and $73 million trunk highway GO bonds.
Description and Location: Construct an interchange at Trunk Highway 52 and CSAH 86; and associated roadway reconstruction of CSAH 86 from TH 52 to the east Dakota County line in Randolph Township.
Description and Location: Construction of a 2-lane urban roadway along CR 28 (80th St E) from Trunk Highway 3 (Robert St) to 0.
A new interchange will be constructed at County Road 5 and Trunk Highway 13 in Burnsville.
As per department figures, the per-kilometre cost is over $300,000 to repave, $500,000 to $750,000 or more to upgrade a trunk highway and $3 million to twin a highway.
URS Corporation (NYSE: URS) today announced that it has been selected to provide design services for the Trunk Highway (TH) 52 reconstruction under a contract with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
Parsons is pleased to announce that the Hastings Bridge, which will carry Trunk Highway 61 over the Mississippi River in Hastings, MN, has reached a significant milestone.
the nation's largest bookseller, will relocate its Duluth, Minnesota, store to a new expanded superstore in the Miller Hill Mall at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway, on November 21.
Although in some instances they serve as feeder roads, none of the company's roads are part of the national-priority trunk highway network.