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In eight of the 32 samples it was possible, under optical microscopy, to introduce the catheter intradurally, following successful placement of the bevel of the Tuohy needle within the substance of the dura.
In the needle-through-needle CSE technique, the Tuohy needle acts as an ideal conduit or introducer through which the spinal needle is introduced as far as the epidural space (22).
The 18-gauge Tuohy needle and epidural catheter (Perifix[R] Standard Epidural Catheter, B.
An 18 gauge Tuohy needle was advanced perpendicular to the skin and at 1 cm depth clear urine flowed through the needle.
A T10/11 thoracic epidural was placed using a long (11 cm) Tuohy needle (loss of resistance to saline at 10 cm) and a single-shot spinal was performed at L4/5 using a long Tuohy needle as an introducer (loss of resistance to saline at 9.
This insulated Tuohy needle can then be used as a stimulating needle by attaching it to the 'crocodile' caliper of a nerve stimulator as is shown in Figure 1.