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If you use the EasyStep interview, Turbo Tax takes you to a Future Taxes section after you file this year's return.
Had they declared the White House as their residence, they would have paid the District of Columbia $26,701, according to Rodriguez, who analyzed the Clintons' tax returns using Turbo Tax software.
Intuit is now shipping its new Turbo Tax preparation software for PC/Macintosh CD-ROM and floppy disk formats.
This includes H&R Block and Turbo Tax software, featuring the basic, deluxe federal and state, premier/premium and home and business versions.
Before that he served in positions of increasing responsibility at Inuit, including six years as the digital leader of Turbo Tax.
Your purchase of Quicken 99 also gets you a free return prepared by Web Turbo Tax, Intuit's Web-based tax preparation service.
Products: Turbo Tax ProSeries/1040 ($395) includes 84 forms/schedules, 44 states available ($250 each); 1120 and 1120S ($395) includes 53 forms/schedules; 1065 ($295) includes 32 forms/schedules; 1041 (#395) includes 30 forms/schedules; laser option ($100-$200).
For users of Quicken, Lotus 1-2-3 (or other spreadsheets), Managing Your Money, Dollars and Sense or most ASCII text files, Turbo Tax offers an import option which allows data to be imported into the program without having to re-key information.
Prior to the 49ers, Lisa was vice president of corporate and marketing communications at Intuit, the Mountain View, CA-based maker of Quicken and Turbo Tax software.
I do everything on the computer," Anita says, "from finding recipes in NetNoir to using Turbo Tax to do our taxes.
For the do-it-yourself e-filers, Staples stocks all H&R Block and Turbo Tax software, including the basic, deluxe federal and state, premier/premium and home and business versions.
Interceptions - While tax prep software Turbo Tax, automaker Mazda and beverage company Pepsi didn't have ads in the big game, they both captured demand during the game by running paid search ads on keywords related to other Super Bowl advertisers.