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Ipswich was the lowest Boro away turn-out in the league for two years bar one freak game - the Arctic clash at Leicester in January that just 400 hardy souls made it through the gridlock for.
So I hope next time trade unions vote on industrial action on a 30 per cent turn-out, Cameron will be equally happy.
The real issue for all parties is that lower and lower turn-outs indicate that our political system looks in need of a radical overhaul.
Charlie Bucknall, of the Percy Hunt in Alnwick, said: "Ironically, the ban has considerably upped our profile and we expect a very good turn-out of hunters and followers.
Falling turn-outs at elections are causing concern to Stratford District Council, with new voters among the biggest body taking little interest in politics.
It is thought that the increase in turn-out across Merseyside was as a result of postal votes which added thousands to the total numbers voting this time.
As expected with the wintry conditions on the rivers, the commercial fisheries had good turn-outs with plenty of fish being caught at Woodlands and The Oaks.
We are seeing low turn-outs among adult voters across the country, but we hope that by making the election process familiar to pupils from quite a young age that they will continue to engage in that process when they become adults,'' said Mr Campion.
Glasgow University Professor Bill Miller said: "A low turn-out would make the BNP look better than they actually are.
And the turn-out showed, every bit as powerfully as the response to the first team's glorious Carling Cup win, the passion and joy the Boro faithful feel for their club.
While Labour blamed a low turn-out for its losses, Tory councillors said it showed that Labour was losing the middle England voters which had swept it into government in 1997.