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TURNKEY. A person under the superintendence of a jailor, whose employment is to open and fasten the prison doors and to prevent the prisoners from escaping.
     2. It is his duty to use due diligence, and he may be punished for gross neglect or willful misconduct in permitting prisoners to escape.

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Drawing a comparison with another turnkey project undertaken by the commission he says,"At the time of construction of 130 MWKANUPP (Karachi Nuclear Power Plant) project in 1965 the Canadian supplier brought in only about 150 experts, technicians and skilled workers who in turn trained the locals, but in this case the entire workforce will come from China.
The source said that turnkey projects will continue raising Elsewedy's revenues.
Inox Wind will provide, set up, and commission 35 units of 100 (35X100) rotor diameter turbines as part of these two turnkey project contracts.
The host announced on Doffin in January 2015 as a turnkey project.
Contract notice: Procurement of services and works for the construction of the turnkey project ~Bilisht Waste Water System~.