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TURNKEY. A person under the superintendence of a jailor, whose employment is to open and fasten the prison doors and to prevent the prisoners from escaping.
     2. It is his duty to use due diligence, and he may be punished for gross neglect or willful misconduct in permitting prisoners to escape.

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We are excited to expand our coverage within the aerospace industry and leverage Instrument Systems turnkey systems to deliver extremely precise measuring results with a high level of reliability," said Joe Esteves, Special Accounts Sales Manager at Konica Minolta Sensing.
The provider of the turnkey system should, therefore, offer recipes unique to the establishment and consistently reproducible, as part of the turnkey price.
Also RTM metering equipment and complete automated turnkey systems.
Harris RF Communications Division is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and support of advanced HF, VHF and UHF radio equipment, COMSEC systems, digital video imaging transmission systems, turnkey systems and networks.
NaTec's basic market strategy of turnkey system delivery, supported by our fundamental competitive strength of vertical integration as a low cost producer of sodium bicarbonate, places us in a strong position to compete for the expanding niche for SO2 trim.
The agreement comprises a turnkey system, including WCDMA radio access network, operation and maintenance system and a portfolio of telecommunication services for Yuan-Ze Telecommunications, subsidiary of Far EasTone, in northern Taiwan region.
The attractiveness of our model is that we utilize the existing assets, resources and personnel of hospitals and physician groups, in combination with our turnkey system, to deliver sophisticated preventive care services creating a great value proposition for consumers, hospitals and physicians.
Goldhil now enjoys extremely accurate fulfillment and improved customer service, thanks to EasyADC, a turnkey system created specifically for small-to-medium size business that includes all the data collection hardware, software and services needed to automate key business processes.
EasyADC is a turnkey system of Intermec automatic data collection hardware, software and services designed specifically to help small-to-mid-sized companies automate inventory management, shipping and receiving and other key business processes.
CheckTech Financial has developed a complete turnkey system that gives banks and check processors the ability to print their own IRDs," said Brian Boyd, president of CheckTech Financial.
a company specializing in the design, provisioning, integration, installation, and testing of satellite communications based systems, to effectively implement the turnkey system.
OIFI no longer certifies that International Turnkey Systems (ITS) is compliant to its standards