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Second, Wolf proposes that specific places are governed, conceptually if not concretely, by two parallel bureaucracies, human and supernatural; hence, Tudi, as one bridge between the two, may be thought of as a tutelary deity.
On the other hand, there were many instances of cun (thon) becoming she (xa) in China during the Song dynasty, because among the types of community under the xiang (huong), many cun had a she where a tutelary deity was enshrined.
What best reveals the relative status of village residents was the seating allocation and the distribution of food at the dinh which was the shrine of the tutelary deity of the village as well as the site for the formal meetings of village members.
The sacrifices offered to the tutelary deity, whether on New Year's Day or at some other time of the year, were not just ceremonies as such but were also village festivals.
148: The male tutelary deity Kurunta (LAMMA) is portrayed as a god standing on a stag.
In the second half of the fifth century, Istar was replaced as the tutelary deity of Uruk by Anu, the most important god of the city in the late Achaemenid and early Seleucid period.
167-81) (4) stele depicting a Storm-god standing upon a bull, an orthostat of a tutelary deity similarly shown upon his stag, two double bull bases for images of columns, and a corner slab also featuring a bull.