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TWELVE TABLES. The name given to a code of Roman laws, commonly called the Law of the Twelve Tables. (q.v.)

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An additional difficulty was observed: "Some pairs of students, when starting, used two groups of six or six groups of two, instead of arranging all twelve tables together.
Hammurabi to the Roman Twelve Tables and the British Common Law.
By traversing a passageway, they discover the Temple de l'Amitie, which contains more poems of love and the Twelve Tables of the Laws of Love.
To assist comprehension there are twelve tables, seven "figures," including maps indicating the distribution of debtors in relation to Canterbury, Hereford, and Lincoln, and four appendices.
1) In the course of the text, de Vries presents twelve tables on economic, demographic, military, and world debt data.
Of greater interest is the remaining Ciceronian assertion about early provocatio, namely its comprehensiveness as indicated in the Twelve Tables compluribus legibus.
Twelve tables present "real" constant dollar assets, income, PAC receipts, and union budgets.
Convicted thieves were ordered to pay double the value of stolen goods as dictated by the Roman Law of the Twelve Tables (449 B.
He wrote commentaries on the hymns of the Salii (minor priests who sang their Carmen Saliare at public meeting places at the beginning and end of the growing season); he probably wrote commentaries on the Twelve Tables, the earliest collected body of Roman law; and he produced a general work treating literary, historical, and antiquarian questions.
The Romans considered the Twelve Tables as the foundation of their civil law.