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One involved limits on congressional pay raises and was eventually ratified-two hundred years later--as the Twenty-Seventh Amendment.
Michael Stokes Paulsen, A General Theory of Article V: The Constitutional Lessons of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, 103 YALE L.
If the Twenty-seventh Amendment is valid--and I believe it is--it is because an amendment proposal, if not rescinded or extinguished, can live on until ratified.
Remember the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, the Congressional Pay Amendment?
1992 ratification of the Twenty-seventh Amendment has apparently changed
On the Purported Twenty-seventh Amendment, 11 CONST.
7) We argue here that the Madison Amendment's precedential value for the ERA is slight at best, and that, in any event, given the subsequent history of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, supporters of the ERA will not want to follow that precedent.
The Twenty-Seventh Amendment, which prevents Congress from taking advantage of a raise that it gives itself without standing before the people in an intervening election, brings us full circle back to James Madison.
Currie appears to believe that the so-called Twenty-Seventh Amendment is an imposter.
In fact, the practice of setting such limits in advance actually dated back to the Eighteenth Amendment (before whose advent Congress had neglected to set any time limits at all, leading to such peculiar episodes as the ratification of the Twenty-Seventh Amendment over two centuries after its proposal to the States(6)).
The reason for this surprising (or, for some, perhaps astounding and incomprehensible) statement is the controversy over the status of the purported Twenty-Seventh Amendment, which reads, "No law, varying the compensation for the services of Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election for Representatives shall have intervened.
Weiner and Mann, citing the wording of the Constitution in the Fourteenth and Twenty-seventh Amendments, argue that House Republicans do not have any leverage under the law.