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The movie trailer also showed a scene wherein the twin brother stated to her twin sister who was holding a glass frame in her hands: "I told somebody that I was in town, don't freak out.
CROOKS are facing 'double trouble' from the police after identical twin brothers joined the fight against crime on the streets of the West Midlands.
THE twin brother of an Irish UN worker missing in Haiti last night said his family was praying he will be found alive.
There were legsC* in war there is no full bodyC* and then I found Radwan, my twin brother who died three days later of his wounds.
Along with twin brother Llewelyn, Davies starts his professional career at the Tower Ballrooms in Edgbaston on Sunday September 14 and rugby legend Martin Johnson could be there supporting him.
Which heavyweight boxing champion of the 1960s has an identical twin brother called George?
BRITAIN'S latest Iraq War casualty died with his twin brother by his bedside on the night they should have have been celebrating their 24th birthday.
Ward's twin brother and business partner Shane says, "sooner or later you're going to find that one person who is going to change your business forever.
Which can help her achieve her dreams--and why does her dead twin brother keep appearing in her life?
Kim Powers and his fraternal twin brother, Tim, were close as children, somewhat estranged as adolescents, and after that pretty much at loggerheads.
Now, at only 30, he and his identical twin brother Erik, who joined the firm just under a year ago, have built a thriving brokerage business doing leases they admit they might not have gotten a chance to do so soon in their careers had they worked for a large real estate services firm--where young brokers are typically assigned to subordinate roles in brokerage teams.
Dramatically narrated by Justine Eyre, Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur is the story of Riley Jenson and her twin brother Rhoan.