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Micawber, when she came up, twin and all, to show me the apartment, and sat down to take breath, 'before I was married, when I lived with papa and mama, that I should ever find it necessary to take a lodger.
Then Gagool went into a hut and led out Twala, my half-brother, and twin brother to the king, whom she had hidden among the caves and rocks since he was born, and stripping the '/moocha/' (waist-cloth) off his loins, showed the people of the Kukuanas the mark of the sacred snake coiled round his middle, wherewith the eldest son of the king is marked at birth, and cried out loud, 'Behold your king whom I have saved for you even to this day
Then Twala, his twin brother, born of the same woman, and in the same hour, ran to him, and taking him by the hair, stabbed him through the heart with his knife.
Most unreservedly; twins are one person in two bodies.
I forgot to tell you," resumed Aramis, addressing himself to Fouquet, who listened to him with the most absorbed attention - "I forgot to mention a most remarkable circumstance respecting these twins, namely, that God had formed them so startlingly, so miraculously, like each other, that it would be utterly impossible to distinguish the one from the other.
There is a further inequality," he said, continuing his work of temptation, "an inequality which concerns yourself, monseigneur, between the twins, both sons of Louis XIII.
From my point of view, he was the wrong twin all the time, and only externally like the Wemmick of Walworth.
Jaggers's stock of boots for our hats, I felt that the right twin was on his way back; and we had not gone half a dozen yards down Gerrard-street in the Walworth direction before I found that I was walking arm-in-arm with the right twin, and that the wrong twin had evaporated into the evening air.
He had just time to judge his location roughly at some place south-west of Helium, and at a considerable distance from the twin cities, when he was startled by a woman's scream beneath him.
One set of Caucasian identical female twins to play Kayla 4 to
They are so celebrated that when the UCLA surgeons arrived in Guatemala a month after the surgery for a previously scheduled visit unrelated to the twins, they were surrounded by people offering thanks and whispering of miracles, from peasants to those in the presidential palace.
Society and people in general really don't give twins any freedom or capacity to say, 'Sometimes I love being a twin, and sometimes I hate being a twin,'" said Friedman.