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Current stereo systems work in one dimension (width) while surround sound systems reproduce audio on two dimensions (width and depth).
In their new technique, the team of researchers from Italy and Belgium combined microscopy and holography-the creation of 3-D images-to visualize live sperm in not only two dimensions (the x and y positions) but according to their depth (z position) as well.
Traditional air traffic control radars have only been able to see in two dimensions since the 1950s," said Mike Prout, vice president for Raytheon Network Centric Systems' Security and Transportation Systems.
The two dimensions on which Obama does best relative to McCain -- understanding the problems Americans face in their daily lives and caring about "the needs of people like you" -- both concern his perceived empathy for average Americans.
The cells are grown in 3D on tiny plastic "scaffolds" rather than in two dimensions on the surface of a Petri dish, the study published today reveals.
It covers finite elements for one-dimensional problems, scalar field problems in two dimensions, and vector filed problems in two dimensions and beams.
Because the other two dimensions seemed to fall together due to the newness of the reform or due to forces outside teachers' control, these dimensions were eliminated from subsequent analysis.
These two dimensions of Rosenzweigian theology authorize Jews to act as Jews in the public sphere, but also lead to the principle that Jews should always oppose alliances with the finite goals of the secular order (101).
Frink: But suppose we extend the square beyond the two dimensions of our universe, along the hypothetical z-axis, there.
Planners in particular tend to deal in two dimensions, to consider the city as a "spatial economy" and a series of patterns.
When you look at the night sky you can only see in two dimensions, but during a total eclipse, you can see in three," says 46-year-old Swiss limo driver Olivier Steiger, one of a band of globe-trotting aficionados of the phenomena.
Adding two dimensions to the image, one for time and another for value, provides a clearer image of mine production, Dasys says.