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ISO 14025:2006, Environmental labels and declarations -- Type III environmental declarations Principles and procedures
We conclude that on the basis of generally accepted definitions SCCmec type V is present in these ST398 pig-farming-related isolates, not SCCmec type III.
According to the Duncan groupings (Table 2), the formulation, 3S fiber with Portland cement type III and Mg[Cl.
He hypothesizes that due to the infrequency of this type of notch one would encounter Type III more often with suprascapular nerve entrapment, because of its frequency and relative small notch size.
The traditional view is that in Dupuytren contracture and the early stages of wound healing myofibroblasts are responsible for the abundance of the so-called immature type III collagen.
Becoming a Type II civilization will take many centuries, according to Kaku, and achieving galactic Type III status requires many millennia.
His lawyers claimed the ejection was caused by a faulty Type III latch.
Surface it to say that for maximum flexibility, be sure your laptop contains an expansion slot that can handle either a Type II or Type III card; the Type III card provides the most flexibility but is also more expensive.
A Type III slot will accept one Type III card, two Type II cards or one Type II and one Type I card.
In the case of JP-4 and JP-8 standard test fluids - Type I (for JP-8) and Type III (for JP-4) - are used.

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