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When Obama said he had read Ayn Rand I always figured he meant he had read Atlas Shrugged and just viewed the type of government depicted as a moral good and Wesley Mouch as the hero.
This is the type of government mentality that concludes that 50 employees is a good threshold to mandate that a business provide health care coverage.
Vlado Apostolov comments for Fokus that the most horrible thing for this type of Government, that justifies its existence with the bad conduct of the predecessors, is that the scandals connected to officials from the time of SDSM are reducing.
The funding entity, the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund, is designed to support TEPCO by receiving funds through a special type of government bond that will carry no interest and can be cashed in when necessary, in addition to annual contributions from all utilities operating nuclear plants in Japan.
Following the Government of India Act 1935, which envisaged a federal type of government, elections were held in 1937 to form provincial governments.
The people of Britain must wonder what type of Government is run by David Cameron because each passing scandal - and they're coming thick and fast at the moment - demonstrates it isn't good government of our country he's delivering.
The group is not affiliated with any type of government, union or other political organization.
It is a clear indication of the type of government we are dealing with in Uzbekistan," said Robert Amsterdam, lawyer to Oxus, a 50% shareholder in AGF.
Allawi said that the Americans were looking for "the type of government that satisfies Iran .
Chancellor George Osborne has not hidden the fact that he is looking at this Domesday scenario and that says to me it is an attempt to make all of us make choices about the type of government we want.
By the end of our term we have got to achieve a new type of government because at present the idea of statehood in Bulgaria does not really exist, and we have to build it from scratch," the Finance Minister stated.
The award organizer said government should be people-focused and welfare driven, notwithstanding the type of government adopted or practiced.