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It's also the type of government mentality that indiscriminately decides that every business should contribute whatever is necessary so that jobless benefits can be extended for what seems to be forever.
Results based on subsamples of workers based on job category and type of government work will have larger maximum margins of sampling error depending on the size of each subsample.
By the end of our term we have got to achieve a new type of government because at present the idea of statehood in Bulgaria does not really exist, and we have to build it from scratch," the Finance Minister stated.
The award organizer said government should be people-focused and welfare driven, notwithstanding the type of government adopted or practiced.
Michael Hewson, currencies analyst at CMC Markets, said of the political manoeuvring: "This new element throws into doubt hopes of a quick deal in order to deal with the problem of the UK deficit and adds to the uncertainty surrounding the type of government the UK might get.
to give that type of government access to our records of gun owners is an outrage.
On May 6 the UK will vote on the type of government that will rule for the next five years.
DAVID Cameron declared war on Labour's "spendaholic" culture in public services promising a new type of government to tackle the monster budget deficit.
Aslam Baig said that the US was backing the present government but it once again wants to change present government and planning to establish such type of government which would work according to its wishes in Pakistan.
We didn't fight and die for this type of government.
Consider the impact (positive and negative) that each type of government has on people who live under it.
The Census Bureau estimates about 33% of children were enrolled in some type of government health insurance program in 2008, up from 31% the previous year.