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The initiative called the 'Happiness Meter' will send daily reports to decision makers that will enable them to monitor the types of government services that people are most happy about, and identify the geographical areas where these services are being provided as part of the sustained efforts to develop customer service and improve the happiness of the people.
Responding to a question he said two types of government had remained in place in the country.
This quarter's poor performance came after even more severe tumult as many of the firms that had taken losses, some of the nation's largest banking and investment institutions, either folded, came close to bankruptcy, or had to be rescued in emergency mergers or through various types of government intervention.
Work on the master plan began in September 2005, and the town's adoption of a plan would improve North Brookfield's chances when applying for certain types of government grants, she said.
This argument is problematic, because it would have made no sense for Ibn Sina to call these two types of government Socratic.
Today, biometrics technology is common in all types of government and business applications, which apply it in two distinct ways: for identification and for verification.
Among the themes that emerge are state capacity to engage in bird conservation, the significance of patterns of internal differentiation in types of government agencies, the role of non-governmental organizations, and the social and political consequences of different ways of framing debates about bird conservation.
Because there are several beliefs in evolution as there are several types of government, any poll result would be confusing.
What is known is that, at the time of contact with the French and English colonizers, many of the approximately fifty-three tribes residing in Canada possessed different types of government, ceremonial dress, languages and customs; they were groups of interrelated yet distinct Native cultures.
Reuters said Jompoj added that a feasibility study of the $72-million effort is nearly complete, with the company now seeking to identify what types of government incentives may be available to support the project.
In recent years, observers note, the Supreme Court has approved certain types of government aid to religious institutions, culminating in the 2002 ruling upholding vouchers for private religious schools.