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Thus, both the fifth and the sixth types of government depend on excellence, the former on practical/political excellence alone, the latter on practical/political and theoretical excellence.
As the students travel, they practice map reading skills and learn about geography, the resources available in 44 various countries, and the types of government in the countries.
Fast-growing IT services and solutions provider will use Deltek Costpoint's unmatched financial management capabilities to streamline its back office, pursue new types of government contracts, and increase revenue
He discussed the requirements for the effective strategic organisation, the types of government initiatives and strategic capacities for development.
Courts have allowed more religious activity in colleges and upheld certain types of government funding for religion while still striking down coercive religious activity in elementary and secondary schools.
Working in groups, students create cities including specific types of government, commerce, arts and cultural information, and predict how characters from a piece of literature would survive.
The management team has substantial expertise in all types of government contracting and contract administration.
The book's first chapter describes types of collective dilemmas and principal-agent problems, then looks at the types of government institutions that are intended to solve these problems; these analytical tools are then applied throughout the text, in chapters on the origins of the American political system, civil rights and liberties, the presidency, social movements, political parties, the press, and economic, social, and foreign policy.
It spotlights 11 major types of government that can be found around the world, explaining what they are and how they work.
Although Presiddent Bill Clinton opposes federal funding for vouchers, he has frequently assured Catholic groups that he will not interfere with the various types of government aid parochial schools already receive.
She investigates types of victims, safety regulation versus liability law, insurability of catastrophes, compensation funds, capital market instruments, and types of government intervention.
As part of our new series on types of government worldwide, his feature offers background on 11 major types of government in power today.