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Vietnam tyre market is dominated by the replacement tyre market which accounted for over 80% of total tyre demand in the country.
Few things are more critical to the safety and performance of a vehicle than its tyres.
Costa Rica's tyre market is solely dependent on the replacement tyre demand as there are no OEMs in the country.
Driving with worn-out tyres attracts a Dh200 fine plus vehicle impoundment for seven days.
In celebration of 10 years in the Egyptian market, Goodyear presents its new tyre, the Eagle Sport, which is one of the most important tyres offered globally.
New research from the AA reveals that nearly two-thirds of women (65%) and more than a third of men (36%) are potentially putting lives at risk by relying on their garage to tell them when their tyres are worn out and need changing.
Designed to provide better grip in cold and damp conditions compared with normal 'summer' tyres, winter tyres are ideal for British roads right the way through winter - when temperatures rarely rise above seven degrees Celsius - to the spring.
Winter tyres can make a great difference to the grip you have in icy or snowy conditions and in recent years these have been increasing in popularity among UK motorists.
Designed with the game lodge owner in mind, off road tyres typically spend 80% of their useable life off road and only 20% on road.
The American tyre brand, General Tyre, which is rich in tradition, belongs to Continental's brand portfolio and boasts a great deal of experience in the development and production of high-performance tyres for 4x4s and passenger cars.
One has to realise that worn out tyres will heat faster and burst eventually.
Designed to be left on so that you can continually monitor your tyres, these clever devices will give you peace of mind every day.