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This validation effort helps ensure that customers worldwide can deploy enterprise class software solutions on an operating system that combines the strengths of UNIX and Linux.
The UNIX Regular Expression Parser is a library function from Open UNIX 8 used by a number of standard UNIX utilities for complex pattern matching of pieces of text.
With FoxPro, UNIX developers finally get to take advantage of that speed and build bigger, faster, more capable applications than ever before.
Steven Schoch, StarNet CEO and co-founder, said, "The combination of Microsoft Services for UNIX 3.
Common UNIX Printing System software is available free of charge from http://www.
We welcome Caldera's decision to validate Oracle products on Caldera's Open UNIX 8 as a platform for Linux-based deployments," said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Global Partnerships, Oracle Corp.
2 is the first ready-to-run, break-the-seal UNIX System V product from USL and marks USL's aggressive entry into the package products market," said Tony Hampel, manager of software product marketing for Wyse Technology's Systems Division.
By implementing single sign-on between the UNIX and Windows environments, customers can use their Active Directory password for access to both environments, substantially reducing helpdesk costs and increasing end-user productivity.
Caldera's release of these products demonstrates our desire to lift the strengths of Linux and incorporate them with the many well-known strengths of UNIX," said Ransom Love, chief executive officer of Caldera.