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In the present study, the effect of extract of A paniculata (KalmCold[TM]; 100 mg, twice daily for 5 days) in patients with uncomplicated URTI was evaluated using VAS as the changes in pre and post-treatment scores of symptoms viz.
In ultra-marathon runners, 600mg of vitamin C, taken 21 days before and 14 days after a 90 km race, reduced URTI symptoms (Peters et al.
5-2% of viral URTIs will eventually progress to a bacterial ARS and most of these infections will resolve spontaneously.
In addition, the fact that HBoV1 mRNA was more frequently detected in children with LRTIs than with URTIs indicates that LRTI is a prominent manifestation of HBoV1 infection.
Based on these findings, the researchers conclude that daily consumption of fermented milk drink containing LcS lowers the incidence of URTIs in athletes who are engaged in prolonged hard sports.
The interaction between microorganisms and host epithelia is a key to the pathogenesis of URTI.
With both approaches, HBoV primary infection was unambiguously associated with URTI and with combined URTI and LRTI, strongly suggesting that HBoV does cause respiratory illness.
But self reported cold symptoms have long been the bane of studies of URTI, and other research has shown vitamin C to be ineffective in preventing colds.
In a study of 122 healthy volunteers, participants taking 250 mg of Wellmune WGP daily for 12 weeks reported a statistically significant (58%) reduction in URTI symptoms compared with individuals taking a placebo.
They reported URTI events at 90-day intervals for one year.
URTI (International Radio and Television University), Bruges Group (European Trans-National Public Service Broadcasters), CIRCOM Regional (European Association of Regional TV Stations), EGTA (European Group of Television Advertising), IAA (International Advertising Agency), NAB (National Association of Broadcasters - the USA), EUROSPORT and many others.
Sixty-five percent of URTI patients were outpatients; 35% recovered without antiviral therapy.