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GALLON, measures. A gallon is a liquid measure, containing two hundred and thirty-one cubic inches, or four quarts.

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Table 29: World Historic Review for Architectural Coatings byProduct Segment - Exterior Architectural Coatings, InteriorArchitectural Coatings, and Other Architectural CoatingsMarkets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures inThousand US Gallons for Years 2006 through 2012 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-79
Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Thousand US Gallons for
7 million US gallons of fuel and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 90,963 tonnes.
The Company does not expect revenues from the Bar Bay plant to have a material impact on the equity results it records from its investment in OC-BVI until such time as the BVI Government is purchasing the minimum 600,000 US gallons per day.
The new system will produce 1,8 million US gallons per day (6,813 cubic meters per day).
The Dorf Ketal client poured 5 US gallons of DVS 6000 into a tanker truck then added 6000 US gallons of a gasoline/diesel fuel mixture contaminated with light-end methyl and ethyl mercaptans.
The Blue Hills contract is for twenty (20) years, or until 35 billion US gallons of water have been supplied to the Water and Sewerage Corporation.
8 million US gallons per day, compared with the Company's total combined water production capacity of approximately 11.
Jeffrey Parker, chairman of Cayman Water said: "the demand from the North Bimini project alone is expected to reach 600,000 US gallons per day within two years and 1.
35 million US gallons per day under an exclusive 20 year license on Grand Cayman Island.