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16) "Interview with Interior Minister Prince Nayif bin Abd al-Aziz," Ukaz, May 14, 2003, p.
Furthermore, an ukaz of 1799 decreed that learned monks in pedagogical positions be awarded a portion of the city cathedral's revenues.
While Khuloud Hamoud Al Amyan from Forbes Arabia, Mai Zakariya Al Ital of Kull Al Usrat, both published in the UAE and Rida Habishi from the Egyptian Al Badil are shortlisted in the Investigative Journalism category, Abdul Aziz Mohammad Qasim of Ukaz, Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Ali, Al Watan, Qatar and Mohammad Al Hussaini of Al Anba', Kuwait, have been selected in the category of press interviews.
A year ago Al-Mahdi told the daily Ukaz newspaper published in Saudi Arabia that he visited Darfur in 2004 with an Umma party delegation.
What can you tell us about this year's Souk Ukaz activities?