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Peter broke radically with this custom and made a practice of issuing an ordinary ukaz announcing the episcopal nomination of his choice.
Tsarist Ukaz for the establishment of an Russian Orthodox Eparchy in the Grand Duchy of 24 October 1892 and Statute 4 December 1895.
Noteworthy is that Iraq's Third Licenses Session of the Iraqi gas fields has ended with granting the Ukaz Gas Field in Anbar Province to the Korean COGAS and the Kazakh MONAI GAS Companies, 50-50.
74) See for example, OSC Document GMP20071008836001, "Saudi Minister Orders Funds, Temporary Release For Returnees From Guantanamo," Ukaz (Jeddah), October 6, 2007.
So as the thundering voice of poets discussing and arguing the quality of their opponent's poems overshadowed the people's commingling in the bustling market place once upon a time the name Ukaz stuck to it.
Chizhov, "Borodovye znaki," Trudy moskovskogo numizmaticheskogo obshchestva 3, 2 (1905): 336-37; Demmeni, Ukaz 1698goda, 3-5; Rudenko, Borodovye znaki, 15-16, 102-3.
Tsarist restrictions, such as the 1876 Ems ukaz circumscribing Ukrainian-language printing and theater, attempted to homogenize culture across the Russian imperial space by centralizing cultural management.
The Saudi newspaper Ukaz reported in February 2009 that Turki Asiri, Yusuf al Shihri, Jabir al Fifi, Fahd al Jutayli, Murtada Muqram and Mish'al al Shudukhi had all joined Al Wuhayshi's group in Yemen.
Bendin explicitly and at length argues against this conception, countering that both before and after the religion tolerance ukaz of 17 April 1905 Russian measures toward Catholicism in the Northwest provinces were characterized by a reasonable desire to maintain public order, prevent ethno-religious strife, and protect Orthodox believers from aggressive Polonism.
52) The language and logic of grazhdanstvennost "are seen to particularly good effect in an 1867 ukaz sponsored by Minister of War D.
An ukaz of Catherine II dated 14 March 1764 announced that only printed decrees should be regarded as authentic, and manuscript documents purporting to be her decrees should be ignored.
In Russia itself, the heated discussion of Filippov in the press and on intellectual blogs gave way to a new controversy in the summer of 2009: President Medvedev's ukaz no.