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But in the months following, there has been a sharp rise in sectarian tensions, fuelled in part by a movement of ultra-conservative Muslims known as Salafis, whose increasing hostility toward Egypt's Coptic Christians over the past few months has met little interference from the country's military rulers.
GAY AWAKENING: His son's ultra-conservative future in-laws are in for a shock when they meet nightclub manager Georges (Ken Horsley) and his partner and star drag attraction Albin (Alan Iveson)
The government and al-Azhar have shown signs of concern over the niqab, which is associated in Egypt with the ultra-conservative Salafi school of thought.
Much-maligned offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will have to ditch his ultra-conservative play-calling if the Cowboys are to improve on their 5-15 record in December games.
The proposal was championed by right wing and ultra-conservative groups.
Go figure: Nut long after Kelly Ayntte provided her essential endorsement of the ultra-conservative third-party candidate in New York's 23rd C.
Deal-hungry international banks and firms flocking to Saudi Arabia say they are struggling to find qualified staff due to an outdated state education system that lacks business focus in an ultra-conservative country, a report said.
He also saluted the local municipal council"s decision to cancel the festival saying council members were upholding through their caving in to pressure to lofty ideals through their affinity with the general ultra-conservative mood.
The lawsuit comes after a three-month investigation by the state, which found that OppenheimerFunds represented that certain investments were appropriate for conservative and ultra-conservative portfolios - but shuttled college savings money instead into a hedge-fund-like investment fund that took extreme risks in a search for speculative large returns.
The changes targeted the ultra-conservative clerics who have dominated the judiciary.
Williamson, a leader of the ultra-conservative Society of St.
Ellie Gold comes from an ultra-conservative Jewish family.

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