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NOW, go--go get your things, GO NOW, we can--we can get you to the Umtali road at least, you can be hiding there and heading south--GO and get your things
The BSAC commenced road-building before the turn of the century, and a motor-worthy road to the major market town of Umtali was already open in 1907.
81) "Gapping" the patrol could be justified by the argument that the Umtali refinery was inoperable; not having refined oil since January 1966, the facility could resume doing so only after a lengthy recommissioning process.
The most successful raid of the year [1976] was on 9 August against Nyadzonya, one of the terrorists' main camps about 50 miles east of Umtali.
From there they travelled to Umtali (now Mutare) where, on reaching Rhodesian territory, they were able to receive improved medical care and rest.
Two years later, the Umtali to Harare sector opened and when the two lines were connected in 1902, over 3,500km of continuous rail track existed from Cape Town, via Botswana, and through Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) to the port of Beira on Mozambique's Indian Ocean seaboard.
Ironically, the fight that follows when Tambu discovers his acts of sabotage provides Tambu with the opportunity to sell her mealies in Umtali.
I felt like Doris, at age 14, at the garden party at Old Umtali Mission, drinking tea and eating cake with black people who for once aren't servants, chattering away to two grave old men who tolerate her, until one at last says gently: "You see, I am very old and you are very young.
John Chavafambira (or Chawafambira) - if that is indeed his name - was born near Umtali (now Mutare) in eastern Zimbabwe, around 1904.