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Had not the Second London Confession of Particular Baptists, 1677, made clear that God was the author of salvation and would bring regeneration to "all other elect persons," even those "who are uncapable of being outwardly called by the Ministry of the Word"?
By eating the forbidden fruit, however, Adam "made himself uncapable of life by that covenant," and God ordained a second covenant, the covenant of grace, by which Adam and the race he represented might come to enjoy the blessings they had forfeited by his first sin, without their being able to point to complete obedience (WCF 7:3; Savoy 7:3).
Esteban reflected on how, for millenium upon millenium, the spiral had been present to the everyday gaze of maritime races, who were still uncapable of understanding it, or of even grasping the reality of its presence.