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It was also ready and willing to open its own market, and the markets of its allies, to guarantee the Asian economies a market for their products, as well as deliberately engineer the under-valuation of the Asian currencies to encourage Asian exports and discourage imports into the targeted Asian countries, thus opening the space for an import-substitution industrial strategy.
However, this could be a radical under-valuation for a species, especially when considering that all civil financial penalties from the different enabling legislations can apply simultaneously.
The big increase for the Southwest Hospital (424 percent) is simple under-valuation, Stephens said.
One "whistleblower" case settled in 2000 alleged under-valuation of gas against 18 major operators.
First, under-invoicing or under-valuation, when damaged clothing of lesser value is sold at the same price as new clothing, creating unfair competition.
Thus, target firms cannot distinguish whether high bids are synergies, relative target under-valuation, or bidder over-valuation.
Despite the risks, some economists present the case for buying into selective EM funds, because of the under-valuation of most markets.
This often results in an under-valuation of assets reported in financial statements for U.
The oppression that women experience each day, the under-valuation of women, discrimination against them and their subordination to the service of others, as well as the impact of direct or structural violence must not be silenced by exclusive attention to "the symptom.
Cadbury was quoting Dickens' 'Tale of Two Cities' in order to express his frustration with what he perceived to be the continued under-valuation of his company relative to the rampant hi-tech sector.
Another nasty trick exposed by the Office of Fair Trading is the deliberate under-valuation of a house.
Early in 1990, Treasury Department personnel recommended the incomplete transfer rules of IRC section 2036(c) be replaced by legislation preventing abusive under-valuation of common stock given or sold by a transferor in an estate freeze transaction.